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Concerned about your business's paperwork hassle ?  We've helped business
owners save time and make more money since 1987
and we can help you too !

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The Professional Multi-Vendor Business Management Software

Sick of the hassle of your business's paperwork?

How can Software Gallery help you?

Software Gallery serves hundreds of active businesses in the following categories

  • Antiques Galleries Centers and Malls

  • Craft Galleries and Malls

  • Flea Markets and Malls

  • Consignment Stores

  • Design Centers

  • Single Owner Merchandise Stores and

  • Any establishment where multiple vendors sell merchandise or provide
    services through a common sales point or points

Our many very satisfied clients have from as few as four to as many as seven
hundred vendors although the number of vendors is virtually unlimited.

Antique Galleries Centers and Malls

Software Gallery's client base sells everything from fine antiques and art to
collectibles.  We, ourselves, are long time high end antiques dealers so it's
quite natural that we got our start in the antique center software business
in 1987.  Our latest product series is Antiques SOS™ for Windows®, a very
easy to use, visually attractive and very powerful product.  It has been very
well received and is serving in hundreds of active businesses in the United
States, Canada and Europe.  Our goal, and we are told that we have
succeeded rather well, was to save you substantial time and money.  Our
previous flagship software series,  based upon the DOS operating system
continues to serve a large installed base.

There are literally hundreds of our multi-computer networked and single
computer installations operating successfully day in and day out in 46 US
states, Canada and Europe.  For details and your free demo package please
contact us at or toll-free at 1-888-527-2643
8am - 5pm  Mountain time M-F.


Crafts Galleries and Centers

Crafts Galleries and Centers provide display space as well as customer
sales support for crafters who want to sell their products without being
physically present.  They operate in a surprisingly similar fashion to antiques
establishments. Crafts Galleries have the same needs for comprehensive
financial management of the business. So Software Gallery's products
provide for point of sale checkout; commission, tax, and credit card charge
calculations; inventory management; extensive security provisions;
transaction auditing and rent management among many other features.
For more information about Crafts SOS™ for Windows® please contact
us at 1-888-527-2643 8am - 5 pm Mountain Time M-F.


Flea Markets and Malls

Flea Markets and malls provide display space as well as customer sales
support for merchants offering primarily new merchandise.  These merchants
need not be present to assist in selling their merchandise.  Flea markets
have software needs similar to antique centers and craft galleries.  Software
Gallery products also provide for complete financial management of flea
market businesses.  Included, among many other features, are point of sale
at checkout, commission calculations, rent management, extensive security
Provisions, transaction auditing, tax calculations and credit card charges.
For more information about Software Gallery's Flea Market and Mall products
please call toll free 1-888-527-2643 from 8am - 5pm Mountain time M-F.


Consignment Stores

Consignment Stores

Consignment stores provide individuals the opportunity to offer merchandise
for sale through the store which provides display space, advertising and
sales assistance. Typically, a consignment store accepts merchandise if it
thinks that it can readily be sold and generate a good commission for the
store.  Software Gallery's consignment store software provides the means
for the store to manage all aspects of the acceptance, sale, and reporting
of consignment merchandise. And, it saves you substantial time and money.
The software can readily be used as a point of sale system, for inventory
management, the calculation and collection of sales taxes,  transaction
auditing and the calculation of commissions and credit card fees.  Please
call toll free 1-888-527-2643 from 8am - 5pm Mountain time M-F to learn
more about our Consignment Store software.


Design Centers

A relatively recent development, design centers are often located large
refurbished industrial facilities or commercial buildings because , they
require considerable space, .  They offer merchants dealing in commercial
or high end household furnishings the opportunity to display and sell their
merchandise without being physically present.  Designers and decorators
benefit from having what is essentially a one stop source of merchandise
from which to choose.  Rugs, chairs, lamps, tables, beds desks, wall
decorations, accents, premium quality appliances and fixtures are all
available in one location.  Software Gallery's products will meet the needs
for a virtually unlimited number of vendors selling virtually unlimited
amounts of merchandise.  Complete with point of sale for checkout, and
all of the features needed to properly run and manage a multi-vendor
design center business, Software Gallery's products save time and make
you more money.  Please call toll free 1-888-527-2643 from 8am - 5pm
Mountain time M-F.


Single Owner Merchandise Stores

We provide software for many single owner merchandise stores where
the owner wants to sell his or her merchandise, accept some consignments,
or share with a small number of other specialty merchants or designate
departments.  The same powerful features, ease of use, and modern
software base make Software Gallery products an excellent choice for
this application.  Please call toll free 1-888-527-2643 from 8am - 5pm
Mountain time M-F to discuss your needs.



Any  venue that sells for multiple merchants or services through a common
sales point or points is a good candidate for Software Gallery's products. 
Your imagination is the only limit.  Please call toll free 1-888-527-2643 from
8am - 5pm Mountain time M-F to discuss your needs.


Why should you trust Software Gallery with your
multi-vendor business computing needs?

Professional quality multi-vendor point of sale and business management
software is our only business.  We focus exclusively on your your needs
and interests.   Our continuous growth since the first installation of Antiques
SOS™ at Antique Associates at West Townsend in 1987 is based upon
developing and implementing premium quality products that meet or
exceed your expectations.  We then backed them up with outstanding
service and support and still do.  Our users have enjoyed a continuous,
highly predictable, relationship with Software Gallery, not the unsettling
chaos caused by frequent new owners.

Software Gallery's newest products are written specifically to run on the
most recent Microsoft Windows® operating systems -- Vista, XP and 2000. 
They are based upon the newest versions of Microsoft Visual FoxPro®, a
modern, time proven, robust, industrial strength software engine.  Then
we wrap it in a custom designed, unique, copyrighted, user friendly
interface that accommodates either keyboard or mouse oriented users. 

We took the high road and wrote all new computer code to avoid the
mostly hidden nasty problems associated with kludgy half-baked DOS
conversions. Our products are usable right out of the box -- all you have
to do use read the screen.  If you're a already a reasonably proficient
Windows® user the rest is a snap!


All Software Gallery products are developed, owned and marketed by
Software Gallery, LLC.  Software Gallery, LLC is owned by Susan and David
Cunningham, well known antiques dealers and software developers. For your
convenience we accept both Visa & MasterCard as well as checks  No first-borns
please --they are way too expensive to maintain


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Premium quality software for multi-vendor businesses
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OK!, OK!  I can hear it now.   More self serving BS you say.  I once had a boss who demanded that I write a mission statement.  Being the quiet, subservient type I wrote "If we don't soon get back to work we'll all be living at the mission".  He didn't appreciate the humor but it was the truth.  So what I am about to say is also the truth.
Sue and I have never strayed far from these simple sentences and they have served us well.   We develop, produce, market and support top quality software products which offer exceptional functionality and value.  We know that we can only prosper ourselves by making your business more successful and profitable through a mutually beneficial long term relationship.


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